Welcome to my world

Hey, I’m Stefan, welcome to my little world.

At the start of 2020 I decided I am going to try and reinvigorate my site and build it into a better portal to showcase my skills. Previously my site was all around my photography and trying to make a business out of that, over the 2 years of running that I enjoyed it thoroughly but I had to make the hard decision to cease trading for the time being as I simply couldn’t keep juggling running a business, working as a full time software engineer, and being a dad to my 2 daughters.

I have a few aims I want to meet on this site for example, I want to try and develop some JavaScript games and publish documentation to go with them to help others learn, I will get an upgraded photography section and I really want to get out and about with my camera a bit more this year, and I would also like to create a more interactive CV…you never know who’s looking at this site right?

Well, for now I will just get on with adding content, it might be a bit slow so, bear with me please :)